An Autobiography: Chapter 29, Christmas Surprises

| 9/7/2012 9:03:22 AM

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In my career of writing and publishing, I produced countless publications in the music/entertainment field, including program books for our stage productions and events, and the novel, Brewster’s Kingdom of God, which I will talk about later. In addition to these, I also published important books in various genres.

In 1955, I produced a beautiful children’s book called Christmas Surprises, illustrated by Hal Bachemin, a very talented Cincinnati artist. The 8½-by-11-inch book had a beautiful color cover of a boy and girl looking with glee and astonishment through the branches of a Christmas tree. The back cover was a Christmas crib cut-out set.

Christmas Book  

The book had the illustrated story, Journey to Bethlehem, Christmas carols, many “Happy Holiday Playtime” activities, and full-color cut-out ornaments for the tree. Hans Christian Andersen’s The Fir Tree covered four pages, and two pages were devoted to a uniquely illustrated The Night Before Christmas. 

The Stagecoach Inn in Manitou Springs, Colorado, according to some historical accounts, was originally a stage stop and then became the Stagecoach Inn. It was reportedly the summer cottage, built in 1881, of Helen Hunt Jackson, who was a famous American author/poetess and champion of Native American rights. Her novel, Ramona, is still in print today, after more than 300 printings in many languages.

Later the building became the home of the Manitou Springs Journal. One of the paper boys for the Journal, A.B. Armstrong, later bought the building and transformed it into Colorado’s first choice for true Colorado Comfort Food. Famous patrons of the past include President Eisenhower, and Pa, Little Joe and Hoss Cartwright.