An Autobiography: Chapter 27, Santa Claus

| 9/7/2012 8:37:57 AM

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Personality® Dollar Bills continued to gain in popularity, and through the years we had booths at major trade shows. Tracy went with me to many shows. Two of our reps, Ron Henson (and his wife, Teresa) and Arthur Swartz, joined us at one gift show in Orlando, Florida, in January 1997. One of the highlights of that trip was that Tracy and I spent a day at Disney’s Epcot.

I had a booth at the important Premium Show at the New York Coliseum in 1975. I noticed a gentleman coming up the aisle with people gathered around him. As he got closer, I saw it was my favorite comedian of “one-liners,” Henny Youngman.

Henny Youngman 

Henny Youngman 

When he saw our Personality® Dollar Bill display, he was fascinated. He talked about the stars on the bills, some of whom he had worked with, and he had high praise for Charlie Chaplin. With Mr. Youngman was a gentleman making notes, and I later learned that they were doing an article for the New Yorker magazine. In that article, dated March 10, 1975, when he was asked why he didn’t buy a Personality® Dollar Bill, Mr. Youngman said, “My money’s tied up in cash.Actually, products were not sold at trade shows; they were for display only.

I sent a Johnny Carson Personality® Dollar Bill to Ed McMahon, and he wrote back: “I handed it to him personally, and he got a big kick out of it.” Major companies used our bills as premiums, and one of the most interesting was Nationwide Papers, Division of Champion International. This letter, dated May 6, 1975, was received from John R. Parker, Director of Administration: