An Autobiography: Chapter 11, To Tell the Truth

| 7/3/2012 2:58:03 PM

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By 1958, we had gotten accustomed to our new home. We had joined the trailer to the little house (front porch was the food concession stand) with a hallway, paneled the front room and put in a stone fireplace so we had a very comfortable home that spawned many fun parties with our new friends. When we first got the park, our telephone was the old wall crank-type party line telephone. Our number was Walton 1623.

The park adjoined the old elementary school. There were two classes in a room, and one year Marc and Tracy, although they were a year apart in age, shared the same teacher in the same room. One year, Tracy won the Boone County 4-H Talent Show, performing a Siamese dance.

Georgianna was enjoying the shows and introducing the stars to her audience. She was always cutting up, which kept her fans laughing. She signed many autographs.

Georgie on Stage 

Georgianna entertaining her fans. 

On Mondays, Georgianna and Carrie (our caretaker’s wife) would drive around the nearby counties distributing posters for the upcoming show and stapling them on poles. Many times Miss Georgie’s photo was on the poster, which got many comments. Folks were thrilled to meet a “star!”

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