Absent Without Leave

| 11/14/2012 10:47:00 AM

I had something clever and “oh so smarmy” to blog about, but there is nothing cute about having a stroke. And a week and a half ago, I had one.

It was a Thursday morning and I had just walked up a flight of stairs in the house when I noticed an odd sluggish feeling. Nothing I could put my finger on. Just a slowing of my actions and thoughts. And then later – the slurred speech, which my wife, the speech therapist caught when she returned from work.   

Like an idiot, and not wanting to push the panic button, I figured I would wait until the next day to see if things changed.

They didn’t and I found my blood pressure way above 200. My doctor said, in essence – “get to the emergency room dummy!” which I did at around eleven o’clock that morning.

My long suffering wife drove me to Lakes Region General Hospital in Laconia where a CAT scan revealed a hemorrhage in the right basil ganglia. Blood on the brain. A stroke.George Locke 

We waited until eight that night for a bed to be open at one of the finest hospitals in the state – Dartmouth-Hitchcock Memorial Hospital in Hanover NH.

11/17/2012 2:15:06 PM

George, I'm glad that your episode was "minor" in comparison of what is could have been. I have not had such an eye opening life evaluation type of experience but I am indeed trying to eat better. Next year will be a year of preservation of garden vegetables. Meat especially red is hardly consumed at home. When it is it usually is a flavoring ingredient in soup or casserole type dishes. I haven't integrated fruit yet not because I don't like it but just because I'm not sure how to make it a part of the meal. Maybe it just needs to be snack food. I grew more salad stuff in my small garden last year so that helped out. Americans do have a really bad diet. Fast food restaurants have not been good for our country's diet. I try to stay away from them as much as I can. I hope and pray that you will indeed dance at your daughter's weddings and that you have many more years of enjoyable life. Have a great day.