A New Roof and a New Life - The Bright Future for an Old Building

| 4/30/2013 11:05:11 AM

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On a recent visit to the corner store for a cup of coffee and a Boston Globe, I was brought face to face with a small army of roofers and carpenters scampering about on a small building next door.  Many had volunteered their time and skill that day to fix the roof of a small, wooden building in need of repair. It was a community coming together to renovate a local icon.Reroofing and old building on a recent weekend  

You’ve probably passed this type of building dozens of times in a town or on a rural road near you and never given it a second thought. Generally it’s a small, restrained and un-ostentatious structure; and the fact that it hosts meetings for those involved in farming and helps to promote American values and honored traditions perhaps never crossed your mind.  

On the other had maybe you’re a member or know someone who has joined the Grange.  

That’s right. The Grange. Short for “The Order of Patrons of Husbandry” (Husbandry being a quaint term for “farming” and it also means “thrift” a word with which many of us are familiar.)

The Grange Hall I saw being renovated has been here for over eighty years. Wicwas Grange #292 – Meredith Center, New Hampshire. In the organizational structure it is a Fourth Degree Subordinate, and the largest in the state.

The national Order was formed in Washington DC in 1867 to, in their words…”unite private citizens in improving the economic and social position of the nations farm population.”

5/1/2013 1:10:44 AM

George, it's really great to see a community work together, isn't it. It's one thing that this country hasn't lost. When the chips are down, folks will rally together to help one another. Have a great Grange day

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