A More Peaceful Way To Go

| 11/11/2015 11:02:00 AM

Country Moonhearse

Darrell and Kathy Wieas have had Percheron horses for as long as they can remember. For years they have shown them at various county fairs, given sleigh and wagon rides and just generally enjoy being around them. “They are a gentle, peaceful breed and we can’t imagine our life without them,” Darrell explains.

So, it was only fitting that their latest venture would involve their beloved Percherons. In 2010 they formed K & D Carriage, a service that offers horse-drawn hearse services for a loved one’s last ride. “Being involved with horses our whole lives,” Kathy notes, “we thought this would be a very quiet and peaceful way to go. It gives people an option over the traditional hearse.”

The brainstorm came to them after they were involved in a funeral for a young girl who was killed in an auto accident. She was actively involved with horses and the family wanted them to be part of the service. After Darrell used his hitch wagon to transport the casket, he got to thinking that this may not be such a bad idea and that other people may be inclined to use this service too.

However, as is his nature, instead of shopping for a hearse to use, he decided to build one from scratch to meet his needs. He designed and built his version after the horse-drawn hearses of yesteryear, with the exception that his is built larger to accommodate modern-day caskets.

He bought the measurements off Beechie Buggy Company and took pictures as a starting point. Then, he and Kathy’s cousin Garry Chaney went to work building the frame and roofing it. The frame consists of seven layers of 3/4 inch plywood and the shell is a combination of hickory, cherry and oak. To make it even more special, all the wood was cut from the Wieas farm.