The 21 Day Challenge Results

| 7/14/2011 10:05:00 AM

Becky, Andy, Elly, Ethan, and LiamI've been at a bit of a loss to tell you all what has happened to us since we completed our 21 day challenge. It's been hovering over me like an angry deer fly and I haven't been able to swat it away. Honestly, finding where to begin is much more complicated than simply stating that we completed the challenge and this is what we learned. But it's been exactly two weeks since June 28th (the twenty first day of the challenge) and it's time we fill you in on the whirlwind of events in our lives.

You see, the final day of our challenge was also the final day at St. Brigid's Meadows in La Crosse. We loaded a moving truck that day and moved back to the east side of Wisconsin, about to pursue the next step in our lives.

* * * * *

When we began that clean up of our personal lives, I didn't let on in my original post, but Andy and I knew something big was going to come out of it. We just didn't know exactly What. We just knew When. In the three weeks that followed our declaration to the Heavens and to you, we began in earnest to keep a tidy and structured household. That's really what it was all about: get our house in order and clean up our minds.

Andy is fond of saying that you can tell a lot about a person's state of mind by the way they keep their home. It's definitely the place that most people spend the most time (even if it is just sleeping) and the home becomes an extension of one's self. When I said last month that I had come to a point of being stressed out by everything, my mind was in disarray. I had no routine other than a pretty set bedtime for the kids. I had no schedule, other than the days that Andy delivered products (M-W-F). And my home was in a constant state of "almost clean." By that I mean, the main things were usually taken care of: dishes, laundry and meals. But everything else that comes with keeping house was fit in here, there, or not at all. Such was the state of my mind as well. No wonder I was stressed about everything! And in my stressing, the family suffered. The other saying we're fond of is true, too: "When Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

It took snapping us out of that rut of chaos for me to realize that I was not happy. Think about it for a moment. Are you happy? By happy, I mean content with your place in life. Or thankful for the moment you in which you live. I had not thought about whether or not I was happy in years. Frankly, I had not thought about much of anything in-depth for quite some time. But when Andy and I had that argument the day my mother was over, I finally took the time and thought long and hard. No. I was not happy anymore.

Nebraska Dave
7/16/2011 9:10:03 PM

Becky & Andy, you are the most real folks I've ever had the chance to read about. Your lives are definitely not boring or routine by any means. Yes you may have routines in your lives, but I would say it's quite adventurous. My career life consisted of 40 years with the same company and retiring with a pension. I don't think that I would be bold enough to travel down the path that God has led you down. I'm very glad that mine was a much easier trek through life. Well, it was easier as far as the job goes. It was even a job that I loved to do right up until the last day at work. I wish you well with your new exciting adventures in the lives of Becky, Andy and the three kids. Have a great new entrepreneurial day.

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