Chickens Bringing Rats?

| 4/2/2009 9:45:12 AM


Ever since I got my 3 chickens, who I love, I've had rat problems. I've never had rodents before and now I can't get rid of them. I've used poison and traps. These are HUGE Norway rats that come where the food is! I'm afraid that my chickens are going to eat the poison, even though I try to put in where they don't go.

Atlanta, Georgia


A photo of the Chicken WhispererDear Monica,

I'm sorry you are having a rat problem. This is nothing new to chicken owners, and we all handle this problem differently. There is only one reason why the rats are there, and that's food. First let's talk about food storage. The only container that I have found that will keep rats out is a galvanized metal trash bin. You can find these at your local hardware store. If you have a raccoon/opossum problem as well you can bungee the lids closed to keep them out. A large heavy rock works pretty well too!

11/15/2011 10:41:46 PM

Here is a solution, only $50 for a rat proof chicken feeder:

10/1/2011 9:10:41 PM

I had a problem with rats and mice too in my small chicken pen. I looked at the metal rat proof feeders, way too expensive, so I built one for myself. I'm selling them on ebay now or you can order them direct. Not much money in them but they are sorely needed if cities are going to allow chickens in backyards.

Grandma Dorothy
9/18/2009 10:54:46 PM

This comment is about fleas and mites and ticks. Recently I heard about killing fleas etc. with table salt sprinkled on dogs bedding, it is supposed to dehydrate the critter hence killing it. Why would that not work with chickens? Salt is considerably less expensive than poisons and certainly less destructive. Does anyone have any comments as to if this will work? Why and how well? Thank you. Grandma Dorothy