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Welcome to Bad Dogs Tomato Patch

A photo of JohnWelcome to Bad Dogs Tomato Patch, BE CAREFUL where ya step, ya might git into a chuckhole an' break somethin' important!

Well, it's that time of year again. There I was out plowin', discin' an' plantin'...and darned if a deer tick didn't go and sink his nasty little mandibles into me. Next thing I knew I was fightin' another case of Lyme Disease.

Nope, this ain't the first time, actually it's the third time around, an' each time the effects are worse. NO! I wasn't bein' careful, an' YEAH! I shoulda been ... but I was fightin' a tight time constraint and just kinda brushed off the normal safety precautions, and THAT was not a good idea. So, there I was, only able to get in no more that six good hours a day where I should have been able to get in twelve.

Doxycycline twice a day for two full weeks, joint pain, fevers, night sweats and the whole ball of wax laid me low this time. An' don't ask if I learned my lesson, I did the first time out of the gate, and from now on, I ain't gonna be so hardheaded as to blow off the things I should do.

Like tick repellent, spray areas before I enter them, and just use common sense ... and common sense is what I lacked the other two times too ... and YEAH! I did learn my lesson this time for sure. The fever an' the night sweats I can more or less take, but the joint pain … huh-uh ... I'm done with that for sure!

Y'all come back often, ya just never know what ya might find here in the 'mater patch.Y'all can leave comments, advice, direction, heck ya can even leave death threats, not that I'll pay attention to them ... LOL!

Have a GREAT DAY, y'all … and be safe out there!