Blogger Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a GRIT blogger?

We welcome applicants who have expertise in sustainable living topics and an aptitude to teach others — whether you grow a market garden, maintain a home solar system, are handy with bicycles, develop recipes, or manage a homestead (as only a few examples). View the collected GRIT blogs, and sign up for our newsletters, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to see the blog posts we share.

Contact our blogging coordinator at webservices [at] ogdenpubs [dot] com, to receive a blogging application.

What topics can I write about?

Readers come to GRIT for instructional, hands-on advice. Our bloggers provide writing that is more instructional than purely inspirational. Many GRIT bloggers are long-time homesteaders with cross-cutting experience or book authors who “blog their book” by sharing excerpts or posts that preview their work while providing standalone value to readers. In most cases, our online bookstore will carry your book if you blog regularly for us.

We cover nine main categories and work with bloggers who are subject-matter experts in one or more of them:
• DIY Projects
• Farming
• Tools and Equipment
• Livestock
• Poultry
• Bees
• Gardening
• Recipes
• Wildlife
• Hunting and Fishing

Does GRIT pay bloggers?

We cannot pay cash for blog content, so we do our part to make sure your writing reaches a large audience. (Content that is used in print is compensated; see below.) Many of our bloggers are book authors, market gardeners, workshop hosts and homesteaders who make a living selling a product or service. We do not accept content that is purely sale-oriented, but if your writing leads with usefulness for readers, we are happy to provide a platform, within reason  to market a website, organization, books, workshops or relevant products. You can include this information and links in a few lines at the end of each of blog post.

Will blogging help my chances of writing for the magazine?

Potentially. We consider our bloggers authoritative resources to the self-sufficiency community. Many are experts in their field. There is no guarantee that a particular post will be printed, but editors regularly select blog writing for use in the print magazine departments or feature articles. Consider blogging as a way to show us your ideas and your writing skills. In instances where a blog post is printed, you will be notified ahead of time and offered compensation for the first printing. (GRIT and its sister titles publish a number of special, newsstand-only issues each year, which repurpose previously printed materials; it is not always possible for us to notify you that your previously published pieces is getting a new life in this way and we do not pay for these repeat uses.)

How often do I need to submit a post?

We would like to hear from bloggers monthly in blog posts 500 to 1,200 words in length. We realize there may be periods when you are not able to write so often; this is OK.

Can I submit a blog post previously published on my own website?

No. All blog posts for GRIT need to be original, rather than repurposed from your own blog or another website (material that appeared in print only is fine). If you post the same content in two locations, search engines will penalize your blog and our site for “duplicate content,” and your posts will not rank as high in search results. After your page is published on our site, its removal is our discretion and is evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Some bloggers choose to transfer their writing — a single post or an entire multi-year blog — to In this case, your original post(s) on your site are deleted or otherwise made unpublished before the content is republished on our site.

How much traffic will my posts receive?

Most blog posts are seen by hundreds of visitors every year, with the top posts reaching tens of thousands of readers (year after year). We teach bloggers how to choose topics and titles that will increase traffic. We feature blog posts in our newsletters, which are mailed to more than 154,000 subscribers, and on our social media channels, reaching 600,000 followers.

What are the expectations for the quality of writing?

Every blogger will have unique experiences and expertise — and, therefore, a voice all their own. You are encouraged to offer your perspective on the topic you’re writing on, but your GRIT readers will expect a more direct, rather than literary, writing style. A how-to post or recipe will have a different style than a well-researched natural health piece or a firsthand account of starting a homestead from scratch. In all cases, the writing that works best will back up claims with solid references and lead with usefulness.

Will you be editing or fact-checking my blog?

For the most part, no. We review blog posts for general accuracy before publication, but we put trust in our blogging community to bring accurate, quality information to readers. You will need to proofread before you submit each post.

The following statement appears online at the end of each post we publish: “All GRIT community bloggers are responsible for the accuracy of their posts.”

What about photos?

We require at least one photo (more are welcome) in order to publish a blog post. The best option is to use photos you take yourself. Being your own photographer gives you the most control over how your post is illustrated and ensures your work is all-original.

We do not allow photos from paid stock sites. Copyright is often ambiguous when dealing with these sites, even when you have purchased a license for a particular photo. If you are unable to take your own photos, instead consider perusing free, open-source sites, such as U.S. Government Public-Domain Images, Unsplash, or others.

Can I include videos?

Yes. We can embed YouTube videos in your blog posts.

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Contact our blogging coordinator at Webservices [at] ogdenpubs [dot] com to receive a blogging application.

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