Wendy Boe

Wendy Boe

Newfangled Farmer

By Wendy Boe

Wendy Boe of Wennepher Farms writes about “new age” farming, without monocropping or heavy machinery, for beginning and experienced homesteaders alike. She strives to be better for the environment and personal health by farming without spraying chemicals at all — so natural pest control is a must.

Her current project is getting water lines for the animals placed underground before winter sets in, and in Crivitz, Wisconsin, that’s no joke. Along with the water line project, she is expanding her fodder operation for the winter, stockpiling split wood, and processing the poultry that won’t be brought through the winter. Wendy is considering expanding her CSA program to include a mobile poultry processing business come spring as well.

To Wendy, a homesteader is “someone who knows how important it is to be self-reliant and strives to live simply.”

Wennepher Farms is home to all kinds of livestock, from the Berkshire and American Guinea hogs to the shaggy Scottish Highlanders Alf and Arnold. On the poultry side of things, there are Khaki Campbell and Golden 300 laying ducks, which share pond space with Pekin and Moscovy meat ducks, Narragansett, Bourbon Red and Bronze turkeys, a variety of breeds of laying chickens and Freedom Ranger meat chickens.

Of the garden, Wendy says it’s “scattered throughout the property,” with hazelnut bushes, berry bushes, apple and pear trees, turnips, radish and daikon, and sunflowers among the crops she cultivates.

Wendy’s country skills include lacto-fermenting, making milk and water kiefer, making homemade household and personal products, and raising and breeding animals.

Of the country life, Wendy has a short, sweet philosophy:

“Live as simply as possible and just be happy without the stressors of big city life.”

Contact Wendy through her personal website, Wennepher Farms, or her Facebook page.