Vicki Wilson

Vicki Wilson

Outside the Village

Name: Vicki Wilson

Occupation: Writer

Place of Residence: Clinton, NY

Background: writer/mother/literacy and reading advocate

Connect with Vicki:

Vicki Wilson is a writer who grew up in the rural areas of central New York State, where she learned to make maple syrup, build a good fire, and catch fireflies. An avid literacy activist, when she isn’t reading books, she’s writing books, volunteering for the local library, baking something new, or taking a walk in the natural beauty that is the Mohawk Valley of NY. Birdwatching is a recent hobby for Vicki, as is learning the history of her small town and the surrounding areas. Currently she lives in Clinton, NY, with her husband, son, and their new puppy, Ellie. 

You can reach Vicki on Twitter and Instagram.