Sylvia Jorrin

Sylvia Jorrin

From Sylvias Farm

By Sylvia Jorrin

In the Catskill Mountains of New York, you will find a homestead called And Mrs. Jorrin’s Sheep Farm. From there Sylvia Jorrin writes about the adventures of farming, and she plans to also write about livestock, gardening, stenciling and cooking.

She is currently working on starting new black and red currant bushes from old plants, and on her to-do list is repairing all the winter-damaged fencing in the farm’s fields.

She says, “A homesteader is a dreamer with her feet planted firmly on the ground.”

Along with the animals and a large garden on her property, Sylvia runs a commercial gooseberry and currant business.

The homestead is also home to Sable dairy goats, East Fresian/Dorset cross sheep and sometimes Sylvia has Toulouse geese and Cocomoran and Barred Rock chickens.

Her garden is full with radicchio, kale, arugula, Jacob’s Cattle beans, Hinnomaki gooseberries, black and red currants, champagne currants, Brandywine tomatoes, rhubarb, magenta Swiss chard, black radishes, Mother Stoddard beans, calypso beans, scarlet runner beans, savoy cabbage, leeks and wild garlic.

Sylvia lists her country skills: “Canning string beans, pumpkin jam, pickled black radish seeds, haying, animal husbandry, gardening, cooking French and English country food, stenciling, sewing, knitting with my own wool.”

Learn more about Sylvia and her homestead on her website; see photographs on Flickr; and keep in contact with her via Facebook or Twitter.