Sparrow Sinclair

Sparrow Sinclair

Chaos On Serenity

By Sparrow Sinclair

Occupation: Concious Writer, Extreme Homesteader, Soaper, Papermaker, Friend of Fairies and Mom to Minions.

Place of Residence: Ohio

Background: Homesteading for five years, off-grid for three. Long-time homeschooler and gardener-forager-herbalist in training

Current Projects: Surviving and thriving off-grid, building shipping container house, cart-training goats, making soap and handmade paper, homeschooling/unschooling, permaculture gardening/food forest, wild-crafting, training a border collie, moss gardening, composting toilet

Sparrow Sinclair is a conscious writer and motivational speaker who homesteads, homeschools, and makes way too much soap and paper. She lives off-grid in the woods with her fabulously feral family on 70 gorgeous acres where she spends her time collecting moss and mushrooms and blogging shamelessly about her family’s unconventional lifestyle.

As an earthy, tree-hugging Taurus, Sparrow is a hippy at heart, spending summer afternoons foraging in the tundra for mushrooms and other woodland treasures while communing with fairies. She is also an avid organic gardener, though not necessarily an overly accomplished one, having planted her first carrot seed less than five years ago. She is happy to share all her failures as well as her successes with GRIT readers and promises she has gained plenty of insight over the years as far as what not to do as a homesteader, at the very least (like the time she transplanted producing squash plants in the middle of a 90-degree summer day or the time she accidently burned her daughter’s skin from a garlic-poultice meant to treat a ringworm infection). Oops.

Sparrow lays it all out on the line in her off-grid homesteading humor and spirituality blog

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