Stone Hill Garden

By Shane

Shane is stationed at a military installation near Ramona, California, and he chooses to live in a country area about 25 miles from the base. “I have a small yard with space for my children and dogs to play. I wanted to grow my own food and share my childhood experiences with my children.” The family includes Molly, a rat terrier, Hank, a Corgi, Sam the tabby cat, and Satin, another cat.

His blog, Stone Hill Garden, will focus on backyard gardening, and he is currently working on establishing an automatic irrigation system for his garden. His current garden is filed with tomatoes. His to-do list includes planning for a fall garden and constructing a hoop house/tunnel for the winter.

He lists his “country” skills as gardening, hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, cooking and minor home repairs.

Shane defines a homesteader as “someone who is at least semi-self-sufficient and relies little on outside resources for sustainment.” And his philosophy: “Country life is about being away from the hustle of the city. It is a path of hard work and determination. It’s a bumpy road, but well worth the ride. It’s fresh air and open spaces, not busy traffic and blaring car horns.”

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