Richard Bogdanowicz

Richard Bogdanowicz

The Rustic Farmer

Richard Bogdanowicz has been a long-time homesteader and writer.  His homestead “Rustic Homestead” is in the beautiful mountains of North Eastern Pennsylvania. Rustic Homestead is a small plot of land (less than an acre) that is becoming more productive every season. The more Richard works with nature, the more nature works with him. This simple concept has enabled him to almost solely live off the land and make a living on the homestead.

Richard’s goal is to share information with others through his writings. His inspiring and informative stories have been shared in websites, magazines, and books he has written.

He believes that everyone’s goal should be to become as self-sustaining as possible. So, with this in mind he always finds ways to make the most of his small plot of land. In under 1 acre of land there is food production in many forms like fruit, fish, vegetables, pork, rabbit, goats and several forms of poultry. Projects like biogas, geothermal greenhouse, aquaponics, and vermicompost are always going on at the Rustic Homestead.

Richard writes for adult readers; he also enjoys writing children books like his newest “Prepkins” book series. He believes that our future lies in the hands of our youth who should know where their food comes from and how to become self-sustaining.