Scyther Bull Log

By OSFB (Old School Farm Boy)

I grew up on a small family farm in Central Kansas during the 60’s thru the 80’s. I am the youngest of two brothers and two sisters, and lived in a 3 bedroom farmhouse on land that was homesteaded by my family in the 1880s.

 Living on the farm didn’t make us financially rich, but the experiences of the hard work and dedication has made a lot of rich memories that since have only been equaled by watching my own children grow.

While sharing stories of that life with others, particularly with those of the same background, I have been encouraged to put the stories down on paper to share what farm life was like in the era I grew up. Although I am fascinated by the way modern agriculture had evolved with auto-guided systems utilizing GPS to drive, adjust seeding rates, and fertilize crops, it is the early era of mechanization of the farm that has gained my interest all of my life. The very first book my parents got for me for my 8th birthday “The History of the American Farm Tractor” plus a couple of others I have collected since are still in my personal collection, and I find it a great hobby to work on and with the equipment of this vintage. Also during these stories, I refer to the equipment by given names, like family members, as very little new equipment was purchased or made it off of the farm without going to the scrapyard due to being entirely worn out.

Though my professional life I live a more urban lifestyle, there were (and are to be) great times. Following is a few of the collection of stories, some first hand and some relayed from older siblings, and experiences through those years.