Nathan Lott

Nathan Lott

One Acre Lott

By Nathan Lott

With a “deep-seated longing for ‘peace and quiet and good, tilled earth,’” Nathan and his wife moved to the country to build up a homestead full of love, delicious fresh food, happy critters, and “a quiverful of children.”

Now on the One Acre Lott, Nathan focuses on self-sufficiency — gardening, cooking, food preservation, animals husbandry, hunting, home butchering, construction, welding, and wilderness survival. His big plans are to create a long-term border for their vegetable garden (bursting with everything from cabbage, radishes, beans, and potatoes to melons, tomatoes, garlic, and fruits), to refurbish the pump sheds, to construct a milk barn for the goats, and to someday build a “hobbit-hole playhouse for the little ones.” Currently, they care for one Holstein steer (Rump), three Nubian/Saanen goats (Vin, syl, and Noose), nine chickens, and their German shepherd (Ryu).

He defines the term homesteader as “anyone, regardless of their circumstances, who strives to rely on the goodness of Nature for their subsistence more than they rely upon ‘the system.’”

And as for his philosophy on country life? It’s all about connections. “Sure, it disconnects you from some of the social scenes; you won’t be as close to the grocery stores, restaurants, and theaters. But country life also disconnects you from the traffic, the pollution, the hustle and bustle and stress and worry of the city. At the same time, country living connects you with Nature. It connects you with the land. It connects you with the animals. It connects you with your family and friends and neighbors.

Shoot, I guess what I’m really tryin’ to say is that country life connects you with the things that matter most!”

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