Nancy Addie

Nancy Addie

Addie Acres

By Nancy Addie

When Chad and I started our little farm almost five years ago, we were as green as green gets! Chad did have a few years growing up on a farm when he was a boy. My dad was born and raised on 48 acres raising dairy cows in Kansas. Every summer my folks would pack up us kids and we would spend 14 fun-filled hours in a car driving to Kansas to visit relatives and get some farm experience! Well, even though my father hated farm life, it must have rubbed off on me because as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of having horses and other critters! Unfortunately, life often takes a detour forcing your dreams to take a back seat until the time is right.

My time came when the Lord opened a door for us to live on a llama farm that was already well established in Laporte, Indiana. Our first two llamas were given to us by dear friends, I had our mini-horses, Laci and Sparky on ‘lay-away’ until I could pay them off (yes, you really can put a horse on lay-away!). Chad and I started this adventure together even though some family members thought we were wacky. We both felt like it was God’s will for us to start our own little farm, making it a destination for young families in our community with little ones. Our herd has grown from two llamas and two horses up to four llamas, one alpaca, a donkey, two goats, our original mini-horses, tw dozen chickens, three quackers, a rogue ferret, many barn kitties, three outspoken dogs and an army of escaped bunnies who are now helping the wild rabbit population go from basic brown to funny spots and droopy ears!

We talk quite a bit about how different things could have been for us when the kids were growing up if we had the farm 14 years ago with all of God’s creatures, big and small. I am so blessed to be here and I try not to take our home for granted. I’m looking forward to sharing all this with many grandchildren. We hope to be the fun grandparents and have the ‘must-go-to’ place in the eyes of the kids! A home where the next generation will always be safe, happy and drama free! We both desire that the days with Baba and G-pa, imprint sweet memories in the hearts of all our grandkids for years to come!

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