Muck Boot Diva

Muck Boot Diva

Muck Boot Diva

By Muck Boot Diva

Well, hello. It seems we haven’t been properly introduced. Me? The self proclaimed “Muck Boot Diva” – You, I am not quite sure yet.

I’m a small time farmer/blogger wallowing in the pit of wit. I enjoy listening to opera and jazz, writing, art, and can slog through manure with the best of them. I live in the “city” — and I am progressing towards more farming. I always look at agricultura…l life from the most eccentric perspective possible.

I love the arts, animals, nature, and the ability to camouflage when necessary. I drive around in a big, black, pick-up truck. I wear black alligator skinned boots to work. I am looking into buying a Harley with a side car, or to start — a GTV 300 Vespa in Portofino Green (which is probably more my speed).

The art of massage is my newest pleasure!

Coffee, Chobani and a Shirley Temple with extra cherries are my current, but not all inclusive, vices. Cheesecake — well, that’s a vice I need to rein in from time to time. I am eclectic to a fault.

I get my muck boots from Tractor Supply, and when I step out — I wear exotic BlackJack western boots to include Black Alligator, Black Ostrich, Black Cherry Ostrich leg, and Python.

Why muck boots you may ask? Well, they are my closest connection to the farmstead we purchased in the middle of New York State a few years back. Muck Boots and me – yes, we’re perfect together.

My farm is my sanctuary. Married, with children.

We have BIG plans once we break free from the city. We want to have Rambouillet sheep, Highlander cattle, already have the bees and Champagne D’Argent rabbits, and need some Toulouse Geese. We will have fields of lavender, some sort of hay for the animals, and a very large garden. The farm is over 30 acres.

Like me on facebook, stop by at WWW.MUCKBOOTDIVA.COM , or visit me at the GRIT magazine blogger’s section.

Fill me in on YOUR life!

Splashingly yours,

Muck Boot Diva