Mom Rocks the Farm

Mom Rocks the Farm

Three Girls on the Farm

By Mom Rocks the Farm

In rural Oklahoma, you will find the Sunshine and Rainbows Family Farm. That’s where Mom Rocks the Farm and her family call home.

Mom plans to “share the knowledge I’ve gained in my short years living on a farm with others who want to do the same or may want to learn from someone else’s point of view.”

Her secondary focus is to show how much fun (a LOT, she says) can be had on a farm. “It’s not all work.”

Currently she is cleaning up fallen tree limbs. “It’s not an easy thing for me to do because chainsaws are heavy and so are most of the limbs.” She also plans on finishing a fence around the pasture for a prospective family milk cow; and prepare for the spring and summer farmers’ markets.

Her move to the country had to do with animals and food. “A few years ago I happened to come across a documentary about the way animals are treated by factory farms, and I was absolutely appalled. That’s when I decided I needed to raise my own.”

Mom defines a homesteader as “someone who does as much as possible for herself and her family. Someone who grows her own food and preserves it for use during months when it’s not easily grown. Someone who raises livestock from the beginning of the animal’s life all the way to the end.”

Her family garden was planted with both humans and animals in mind. “My family and I enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables more than any other food. Having a garden also helps to feed animals and they enjoy the fresh food as well.”

The garden is home to quite a variety of plants. “I plant a wide variety of peas, beans, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, corn, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, herbs, beets, turnips, potatoes, spinach, Brussels sprouts, onions, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. We also have fruit trees including apples, peaches, cherries, apricots and figs.”

And the animals? Well, the Sunshine and Rainbow Farm is home to more than a few.

There are four dogs including Sara (German Shephard), Shadow (Great Dane), Beauty and Beast (Great Pyrenees); three Hampshire pigs (Bacon, Rainbow and Buttercup); a barncat named Kitty; four rabbits including Peanut and Winter (English Angoras), Marshmallow (New Zealand White) and Chocolate (Lionhead): and 47 chickens, including Mama, Marshmallow, Toastina, Bubba, Skinny Jeans, Big Mama, Big Boy, Tangerine, Camo and Blackie.

“We didn’t name all of them because a lot of them look alike and I have a hard time telling them apart so I usually refer to the unnamed hens as Mama. Breeds include Easter Eggers, Barred Rock, Black Copper Maran, Buff Orpington, Gold Laced Wyandotte, Black Sexlinks, Cinnamon Queens, Cochin, Ameraucana, White Rock, White Leghorn, Polish and Barnyard mixes that we hatched.”

Mom’s country skills include canning, gardening, animal husbandry, cooking, small engine repair, construction, fence building, crocheting, splitting wood, yard maintenance, house maintenance, and anything and everything that needs to be done. 

And her philosophy of country life?

“I believe people who live in the country, especially those who live on farms, are some of the most humble people you’ll ever meet. Neighbors help neighbors and respect one another. That’s something I never found while living in the city. I shared walls with people for years and never knew their names. Country life is absolutely beautiful.”

You can reach Mom Rocks the Farm at her website or on her Facebook page.