Mitch Littlefield

Mitch Littlefield

Musings From Maine

By Mitch Littlefield

He lives in town these days, but author/blogger Mitch Littlefield remembers well the days on the family farm.

“I write in a tongue-in-cheek, wry and witty style, and my stories from my childhood years on my family farms are slices of rural life from a rural perspective with farm logic. I illustrate how life today has changed for most of us, especially those who live the city life.

“Storytelling is an art form that is fading away with each generation and one that I cherish from my own childhood years when my elders would spin yarns that never grew old to my ears and always stimulated my over-active imagination. It has become my mission in life, to be that storyteller of my generation.

” This is also a way to promote my other writing, which includes a published book, a book I hope to soon have published, and other blogs I author.”

Currently, Mitch is writing a second book, a novel titled “The Hind-Tit Chronicles,” a story of a loveable loser who continues to march forward in spite of always finding himself last in line. His first book is titled “Memories of Shucking Peas.”

His to-do list includes writing blog posts, continuing to market his books “in hopes of ‘retiring’ where I can write for a living.”

He was born in the country though he now lives in town.

“Being a 12th-generation Mainer, I’m told, makes me a qualified native. Even though I’ve traded in the bib overalls of the farm and now live in the ‘big city’ of Bangor, I cherish my farm-boy roots, and will always live in my beloved Maine.”

And his garden is a family tradition. Currently the garden holds a wide variety of vegetables and herbs. When he lived in the country, he shared the homestead with sheep, cattle, horses, mules, a donkey, chickens, ducks, geese and goats.

Mitch defines a homesteader as a “fledgling farmer. A person or family who wants to live the farm life/country life.”

He lists his country skills as haying, animal husbandry, gardening, cooking, canning, and machine repair, a typical farmer/jack of all trades.

And his philosophy of country life?

“Real, slower paced, unpretentious, forthright, bucholic.”

Contact Mitch through his personal blog, Minor Meadow; Facebook; Twitter; or through his blog at the Bangor Daily News.