Megan Wild

Megan Wild

Designing a Wild Home

By Megan Wild

Megan Wild is a millennial hoping to make it easier for other members of her generation to take care of their homes and home-ify their apartments. She loves gardening and animals of all shapes and sizes, although dogs are her favorites.

She’s looking forward to getting her garden ready for spring, planning a dog house for her dog, Tucker, and will be helping her parents install flooring in their basement. Of her current project, she says, “I love finding old pieces that people have given away or sell at low-cost and repurposing them into something beautiful. So, I’m in the process of refinishing a table for my entryway that I picked up from a community thrift store. Right now, I have it sanded down and ready for cleaning. In the next few weeks I will be staining it and applying a clear coat.”

After four years of college in a small city, she’d had enough of the hustle and bustle of city life, and opted to move closer to her parents in an effort to put her roots down—literally and figuratively. Her mother grew up in a large family that had a farm, so she always had a garden at home that flourished. Megan says, “She tried to get me involved when I was younger, but I would have none of it. As I grew older, I eventually wanted to start my own garden to grow natural vegetables instead of buying them at the store.”

A homesteader, to Megan, is someone who wants to get their hands dirty and learn how to fix and create things themselves. Someone who is endlessly passionate about the quieter and natural life.

Megan lives with her 5-year-old dog, Tucker, and has a vegetable garden with green beans, green peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and corn.

She’s well-versed in home repair and construction, and enjoys cultivating a vegetable and flower garden every year. Megan believes all you need in life are land, love and a faithful dog.