Mary Lewis

Mary Lewis

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

By Mary Lewis

Occupation: Freelance Writer

Place of Residence: Jordan, Minnesota

Background: Mary grew up in the woods of Maine, and then made a lateral move to Minnesota when she was 22 years old. After living in a series of suburban apartments, she landed in a small town much like the one she grew up in. Although she is probably considered a “towny”, Mary and her husband, and their 17-year-old son try to live like homesteaders on their 10th of an acre city lot. They grow tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and herbs every summer. They also try to make any repairs themselves to their 119-year-old home. Re-use, recycle, re-purpose is their mantra.

Current Projects: Re-working the layout of our gardens, preserving the harvest, trying out new recipes, home repairs

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Instagram: @lewis.mary.e