Mary D. Martin

Mary D. Martin

Light and Life

By Mary D. Martin

From her home in Rexburg, Idaho, Mary Martin plans to write about “all aspects of life; cooking, gardening, thoughts, knowledge, experiences, morals.”

Her current project is a trellis built from pallets. “I am currently staining it, until I get some help with the top boards. It is the entrance to a path through some trees. It has a helianthus on either side of it.”

On her to-do list: “Make a mural on my back fence from scraps of vinyl. Finish a brick path. Move my asparagus bed. Move the chicks to the little barn. Fix the dog shelter. Plant some perennials in a new flower bed. Learn to make salt cake from Peru.”

Mary defines a homesteader as someone who improves on the land on which she or he lives.

Her garden is an important part of her world. “Gardening is one of the ways I keep food costs down. I also enjoy the fresh flavor. I feel like a queen when I eat raspberries that I couldn’t afford if I didn’t grow them.” Her garden holds tomatoes, carrots, corn, beans, onions, potatoes, peas, cabbage, summer and winter squash, and cucumbers.

She shares her slice of heaven with “Gold and Red sex link chickens and a cross breed dog named, Jazz, and lots of wild birds and annoying mice and voles.”

She lists among her country skills canning, gardening, repairs in general, cooking, landscaping, scrapbooking, family, and camping.

And her philosophy on country life?

“Expect the unexpected and learn from it. Love it and share it.”

You can contact Mary through her personal blog.