Malorie Davis

Malorie Davis

Healthy Harvest Baking

By Malorie Harris

Malorie Harris calls Temecula, California, home where she develops recipes in her humble kitchen. Her focus for her GRIT blog is recipes and more recipes, and she will also write about holistic nutrition and a holistic lifestyle.

She is currently working on her first book and developing recipes for several different projects.

When asked what prompted her move to the country, Malorie says, “Bing Crosby’s ‘Don’t Fence Me In.’ Just kidding. I wanted the freedom and space to hunt, gather, raise and grow my own.”

Once a hobby farmer in Idaho, raising chickens and working in the dairy industry, she is currently in the process of finding a new place to call home and start living off the land again.

She defines a homesteader as “someone who is self-sustainable and builds a life off of their own land.”

And her philosophy of country life?

“The root of my desire for a country life comes from my two daughters and future children. It’s important to me, but it became more important when I started to think about the values I’d like to teach my children. I believe it’s important to live a sustainable life, know how to survive, hunt, gather, take care of each other, work with your hands, and support your neighbor. It creates a fulfilling life and a wonderful world.”

Visit Malorie’s blog here, or you can check out her Instagram page.