Lyssa McKenry

Lyssa McKenry

McKenry Farms

By Lyssa McKenry

Lyssa married into a farming family, and — having learned the simple pleasures of country life — she’s ready to share her experience with others. There’s a year-round schedule when it comes to the farm, and Lyssa is ready to document it and show the positive nature of production agriculture.

At McKenry Farms there are Black Angus cattle, three horses, six dogs, and no less than twelve barn cats, not to mention a full summer and fall garden of tomatoes, squash, zucchini, beans, and various greens. Lysaa says, “I have always enjoyed gardening. My grandmother took me to her garden when I was just a little squirt, and I enjoyed helping her and learning her gardening tricks. It’s just fun to dig in the dirt!” She also hones skills like canning, cooking, and sewing.

“Living on a farm keeps your perspective in focus. Sometimes you can start to think negatively due to all the crazy stuff that goes on in life, but when you see a sweet little calf face covered in milk or little ball of fur kittens playing in the hay, it makes you giggle and you remember that life is too good to have destructive thoughts. In short, country air and sweet critters put a fresh spin on life.”

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