Linda Williams

Linda Williams

Country Rambles

By Linda Williams

Linda Williams lives in Bedford, PA where she enjoys growing flowers and vegetables in her garden. She especially likes container gardening and raised bed gardening nowadays, and is looking forward to trying out the cold frame her husband built for her. In the spring she has lettuce, onions, carrots, radishes, Swiss chard, and other salad supplies in her garden.

Linda grew up on a small dairy farm in the 1940s with pigs, chickens and about 17 cows. Living in the country was a wonderful life then, and continues to be wonderful now. She defines a homesteader as someone who moves to a piece of land that is totally undeveloped and makes it livable. When she was growing up, she saw how hard her parents worked, living about 5 miles from a small village and surrounded by farms. She’s been writing about farms and farm life since 1988 and loves talking to farmers and going to cow shows.

Along with gardening, she enjoys cooking and admiring all her flowers. Her husband is a total do-it-yourselfer who built their house and did the plumbing, electrical work, painting and tile work himself, too.