Linda and Burt Crume

Linda and Burt Crume

Lake Cottage at Flint Creek

By Linda and Burt Crume

Surrounded by a picturesque lake, Linda and Burt Crume are settled on 3 ½ acres of peace and quiet in Gentry, Arkansas.

In addition to their cat, Bunny Feet, Lake Cottage at Flint Creek is home to ducks, geese, deer, bobcats, armadillos and other creatures, both on-land and in the water. There is also a garden, which Burt and Linda tend to with the intent of providing fresh, homegrown food for their table each day of the season.

“The quieter the better except for music from the piano and the laughter of friends. Peace and solitude along with caring and sharing” is their philosophy on country life.

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