Liberty V Justice

Liberty V Justice

Successful Sassy Southerner

By Liberty V Justice

From her corner of the world in South Carolina, Liberty V Justice plans to use her blog to feature uplifting articles about food, local businesses and people, and  recipes. She will also write about how to get healthy, local and sustainable food, and food-related topics such as what types of foods are good for us and what to avoid, and hot topics like genetically modified organisms vs. non-GMOs.

Her current project is writing about the latest storms to hit South Carolina, and how the storm united Southerners and reminded people of what is really important: other people.

Projects on her to-do list include recipes for Sweet Potato Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and vegan and gluten-free quiche recipes, as well as how a Southern life has helped her become more successful.

She moved to South Carolina for the weather and the people. “I love the South Carolina weather and the people. I did my basic training here. I love Southern hospitality and there are better veggies and fruits here also, in general, everything is better here. “

Her country skills include cooking and creating recipes “because I love to make people happy and watch them enjoy my addictive food.”

And her philosophy on country life?

“Country living is the way God intended. It’s more laid back, and people can do business and enjoy each other and the fruits of their labor together, not just rush around working all the time ignoring other humans. We can enjoy the people, the vegetation and landscapes and the animals God created, and we can be even more successful than the people who don’t take time for each other.”

Contact Liberty through her personal blog, Liberty’s Champion Recipes; through her Facebook page; or through Twitter.