Lee Ann and Alexandrea Perez

Lee Ann and Alexandrea Perez

One Ash Homestead

By Lee Ann and Alexandrea Perez

Lovers of Jesus, cows, jars and dirt … that’s us!

We are Lee Ann and Alexandrea Perez … Along with our online farm and dairy supply business and our raw milk dairy here in SC, we are taking you on the journey of a lifetime, learning how to homestead one life experience at a time (and a few recipes, too!)

Our motto is simple:

Providing families with the products, knowledge & support needed for multi-generational homesteading.

We were not born into a farming family. We self taught ourselves everything, and we are still teaching ourselves all sorts of stuff every single day. We know how difficult it is to find a community where you can ask questions without feeling “dumb”… or to find a community at all. Our ultimate goal is to be the ones to help you along in your journey. Have a question? Just ask us. Visit our farm site at One Ash Farm and Dairy to contact us, link to our blog, our farm and our supply business.