Kim Roman

Kim Roman

Small Footprint Gardening

By Kim Roman

Being a military brat, military veteran and then a military spouse, I’ve lived in a number of places in my life – some rural and some not. When my husband finally retires, we’d love to own a small farmette – probably in Pennsylvania.

One thing I’ve learned from all the places I’ve lived is that, even if we have a large plot of land, I don’t want to work hard to produce my own food. That’s why I focus on several forms of small footprint gardening. In fall 2010, I took a trip to Utah to meet Mel Bartholomew, creator of Square Foot Gardening and become a SFG Certified Instructor (CI). Mel encourages his CIs to share Square Foot Gardening with an open hand and an open heart.

In 2011, my former business partner Jerry and I started Square Foot Gardening 4 U in Glen Burnie, Maryland. It was great to teach people this simple, small-space, high-intensive gardening method, but I became interested in trying other methods, such as Hügelkultur and the Back to Eden garden methods on a smaller scale.

My passion is teaching others to be more self-sufficient by growing at least some of their own food. One of my favorite things is working with non-profits like a homeless shelter in my area on a strategy to go from the residents learning gardening to the non-profit learning how to reduce its food expenses by gardening and eventually turning it into an income stream where members of the organization grow more produce than they need, selling the excess vegetables, herbs and flowers for profit.

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