Kayla Matthews

Kayla Matthews

Wellness Gardening

By Kayla Matthews

Kayla Matthews is a healthy living blogger who’s passionate about wellness, yoga and growing anything that will fit in her backyard in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Her primary focus for Wellness Gardening will be productivity and self-improvement, with wellness, healthy living, mental health and happiness as secondary topics.

Currently, Kayla is working on starting a vertical garden in her backyard. On her to-do list: “Get my vegetable garden in full swing; get some vines/ground cover to add extra green around my house; and create a winterized gardening box for next winter,” she says.

She defines a homesteader as someone who lives off of the earth and is mostly self-sufficient.

“I love having fresh vegetables, and I love the way gardens, plants and flowers look,” Kayla says. “Right now I’m working on some spinach, red bell peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini.”

She lists gardening as her main country skill.

And her philosophy on country life?

“Living in the country gives you tons of opportunities to form a strong connection with nature and with yourself. I’ve always loved it.”

In addition to blogging for GRIT, Kayla also writes for Mother Earth News, Natural News and The Huffington Post. She also manages a health and productivity blog, Productivity Theory, and loves finding ways to save time and be more efficient.

To connect with Kayla, visit her website, follow her on Google+, Facebook and Twitter, and feel free to reach out via email, kaylaematthews@gmail.com.

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