Karen Kirkpatrick

Karen Kirkpatrick

The Wonder of Animals

By Karen Kirkpatrick

From South Bend, Indiana, Karen Kirkpatrick plans to focus her blog on the relationships between humans and our animals, and she’ll also write about horses, dogs and cats.

Her current project is writing about the various types of squirrels and then narrowing that down to the squirrels in Indiana. She hopes to, in the future, expand on the information regarding the types of squirrels and how they relate to their environment (pests, pals or both); write more on the relationships between horses and their owners, between dogs and their owners, and between cats and their owners.

Karen defines a homesteader in two ways. The actual meaning being “a person (or persons) who obtain land from the government through the Homestead Act, which, at one time, was free or now for a lesser price than on the market. Said land also was not always in desirable locations.” She further defines the word with a positive connotation: “A person who decides to change his/her life style and moves to the country to ‘get back to nature’.”

“When we lived on the farm,” Karen says, “our focus was raising Arabian horses, although we also grew corn and beans.

Her garden was planted as a way to put healthful food on the table. Currently her garden holds corn, carrots, peas, onions, cucumbers, potatoes, and more.

Arabian horses share the homestead with Karen and her family. Her country skills primarily include raising and breeding Arabian horses.

When asked about her philosophy on country life, Karen says, “I do not consider this my philosophy, but my opinion – I enjoy – prefer – country living because it affords me the opportunity to be close to nature, animals, peace and quiet.”

Contact Karen through Facebook by searching kskirkpatrick, and her Twitter account is under the name Karen Kirkpatrick.