Julie Stephens

Julie Stephens

My View: Living at 9,000 Feet

By Julie Stephens

Place of Residence: Lake City, CO

Background: Photography, writing and seeking out green spaces have always been essential to Julie Stephens. Some of her favorite childhood memories are visits to her great-grandparents farm and long, peaceful walks with her collie. Forever a tree-huger, at five years of age Julie was taking pictures of flower gardens and treetops with her Brownie camera. At nine she was writing plays for the neighborhood children to act out and tending to her tomato plants. While in college Julie wrote for the university newspaper and always sought out pretty parks and peaceful wooded areas near her home for walking her dogs.

Having raised a wonderful son and daughter, Julie, her husband Bruce and their dogs Joy and Hope, now live at 9,000 feet in the tiny mountain village of Lake City, CO. Living in the most remote area in the US lower 48 states is neither easy nor convenient. The raison d’être – the draw is the exquisite natural setting in which their cabin dwells and the tiny close-knit community. Julie says that writing in the mountains is indeed as romantic as it sounds! Her newspaper column for the Silver World is called: Life From My View; which is Julie’s view on living in the remote mountain village of Lake City, Colorado. Currently Julie is working on a picture book called Mountain Mutts.

The Stephens’ take great pleasure in living in the midst of nature with the change of seasons and air so sweet you can taste it. Julie spends her unscheduled days: reading, writing and walking the dogs in the mountains, with camera in hand.

Julie’s books available on her website:https://julie-stephens.com/
Julie’s Blog:https://notes.julie-stephens.com/
Author Amazon page:https://www.amazon.com/Julie-Stephens/e/B002T7L2PY