Judson Daffern

Judson Daffern

The Garden in My Mind

By Judson Daffern

Judson Daffern is a farmer and beekeeper in Oregon focusing on living the good life, which he plans to share on his blog. He is also interested in natural health, permaculture, the environment, and community, and is currently involved in research and exploration of those topics.

He moved to the country to fulfill a yearning for space, freedom, privacy and nearness to nature, planting a garden so he could work with his food freely and in full circle, rather than encountering it for sale at the grocer. He enjoys the process of learning to do something earthy, basic and productive.

For Judson, a homesteader is “someone whose heart (and tired body) resides in the labors and fruits of the home fields, the shop and the hearth. Someone who prefers to earn their livelihood in freedom, by their own wits and in toil with others, clocking in with nature and the moon, their creative, generative impulse entwined with the landscape of home.”

Until recently, Judson kept Dominique chickens, and he counts forest trees and field plants as part of his permaculture garden. His country skills include gardening, permaculture design, beekeeping, chicken keeping, pruning, brewing and fermentation, food preservation, hunting, wild-crafting and camping. He prefers to keep to a simple, easy-does-it philosophy.