Jim Baker

Jim Baker

The One-Acre Farm

By Jim Baker

Near Kernersville, North Carolina, is a small piece of heaven its owner calls The One-Acre Farm. Jim Baker is beginning his adventure in farming and self-sufficiency, and he plans to focus in this blog on helping other struggling with the start-up issues of being more self-sufficient. He will share his own trials, tribulations, successes and celebrations.

His current project: “Transforming my one-acre lot and yard into a supplemental income source by producing a fairly self-sufficient micro farm. It will not involve owning any heavy machinery, but it will involve a lot of sweat equity, slow and steady, and, yes, I am sure to gain the country attitude and mindset.”

Future projects for Jim include raising chickens, gathering eggs, creating an open garden, building two high tunnels (14-by-96 feet each), growing blueberries and grapes, learning to keep bees, splitting wood for the fireplace, building a solar dehydrator and possibly a solar oven, and creating a root cellar.

Jim defines the term “homesteader” as “someone looking to be as independent as possible in this society we live in. Not as in becoming a hermit or a doomsday prepper, just people wanting to have more control over their lives in regards to the food they eat, the way they live, and to get out from under the ‘no choice’ lifestyle our society as a whole has created.”

His move to the country was prompted by “the desire to get out of subdivision suburbia.”

The garden is a way to lower his grocery bill, and Jim hopes it will also become a supplemental income source. His garden this year will include tomatoes, asparagus, crookneck squash, green beans, zucchini, sweet potatoes, red potatoes and baking potatoes.

The One-Acre Farm is currently home to two dogs and two cats, “all indoor critters,” Jim says. He will be adding a chicken flock of various breeds, all brown-egg layers.

Jim lists his country skills as gardening, wood splitting, some machinery repair, and cooking,

And his philosophy on country life?

“Live simple, live as stress free as possible, work diligently, help others when they need it and do not be afraid to ask for help when I need it.”