Jauneta Stout

Jauneta Stout

Late Bloomer

By Jauneta Stout

Jauneta Stout is enjoying retired life in Liberty, Indiana, where she writes to share the good times and celebrate rural Indiana. She’s currently planting a spring garden and preparing for a family gathering, as well as getting ready for the local Garden Club plant sale.

Jauneta moved to the country when she married a farmer and started gardening because it was the tradition in the country. Everyone wanted to have fresh produce, and years later she added flowers and began experimenting with varieties and planting styles. Right now, she has lettuce, flowers, rhubarb, asparagus, raspberries, strawberries and a peach tree in the garden.

As well as the garden, Jauneta has 3 barn cats and a small house dog.

She used to can, but now prefers to freeze fruits and vegetables. Jauneta also cooks, bakes and manages the family farm. She found the early years on the farm rewarding but difficult as she raised a family with her husband; the country life has gotten easier as they’ve grown older.