Jack Fernard

Jack Fernard

Reluctant Rebels

Near Kzoo, Michigan, there’s a piece of property that Jack Fernard and his family call home.

“The primary focus of this blog is to share with others what we’ve learned about living off-grid via solar power,” Jack writes. “This was not a route that we had planned or even thought of in our wildest of dreams. Consequently, our first steps towards living off of the utility grid, were filled with trepidation. The concept of providing 100 percent of our own energy needs was overwhelming to say the least! But as we move forward on this path less traveled, we’ve come to realize just how much this detour away from the norm is enriching our lives.”

He also plans on writing about food. “Fresh, healthy food that was earned through the efforts of our own hands. The idea of being totally and utterly dependent on the grocery store has always left me, as a husband and a parent, feeling very uncomfortable. And while the food system in this country has yet to fail, that does not mean that it will never will. How could having the ability to feed myself and my family be anything less than a good thing?” says Jack.

He definite a homesteader as this, “If you can maintain quality of life at home without being 100 percent dependent on outside sources, then you are a homesteader.

“I believe that the location of the home is irrelevant and the means by which you provide for yourself limited only by your imagination and personal effort. But to anyone considering this challenging quest, I offer this warning; you will not become a homesteader without automatically gaining a greater appreciation of things.”

And Jack’s philosophy on country life?

“I find it interesting that the story of the Garden of Eden – whether you consider this to be fact or fiction – depicts the ideal environment for humanity as a garden. It was a place filled with fruit (including the non-edible kind) and animals. It was a place so beautiful that even the Creator would leave heaven to walk in it. The more time I spend outside, working with living things, the more I wonder if there isn’t something to this.”

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