Ginny Mink

Ginny Mink

City Girl in Boots

By Ginny Mink

Ginny Mink lives in Plant City, Florida, where she is currently working to open a storefront for her homemade all-natural soaps. She loves educating people while making them laugh, something she hopes to do a lot of through her blog.

Ginny repurposes furniture, does some woodworking in her workshop, makes various other crafts, and is looking forward to planting some fruit trees soon. She doesn’t live in the country yet, but has developed a great respect for farmer and those who are able to live off the grid through her long career writing for an agricultural magazine.

Her garden is mostly an experimental venture with her little ones, trying to figure out what will grow in an urban flower bed, but they’ve successfully grown corn, strawberries, sweet potatoes, and recently a pineapple! Ginny doesn’t have animals yet, but she is hoping for chickens and dairy goats eventually.

A homesteader, to Ginny is “someone who makes the best use of their land to provide for their family with very little assistance from the broader world.”

Soapmaking, cooking, sewing and a variety of crafting abilities are among Ginny’s country skills. She thinks there’s nothing better than country life.

Find more from Ginny at her personal blog, Delight Abide Love and on Twitter.