Ginnie Baker 

Country Life

By Ginnie Baker

I was always a “city girl,” born on the far west side of Cleveland, but I have lived in a small rural village in North Central Ohio since I was a youngster. I was working as a manager in corporate communications (public relations) for a major telecommunications company. Then one day, my whole world changed when my job as a speechwriter for the president of the company was eliminated, along with his job. I should have been sad, but I took it as an opportunity to do something I always wanted to do; it was the chance to become a “country girl,” on a small homestead, raising two miniature donkeys. It was a transition from urban to country that came naturally. I also write for the Mansfield News Journal, coordinate our adult Bellville Safety Patrol and cover one of the streets getting our youngsters safely to and from elementary school, do volunteer work in the community and do volunteer PR work for our Bellville Police Department. It’s life at its best!