Gavin Dinnel

Gavin Dinnel

Dinner Time Farm

By Gavin Dinnel

Outside Roy, Washington, Gavin Dinnel and his family began and continue their homesteading journey. With his blog, Gavin plans to focus on the information to help people learn more about starting their own homestead, and he plans to share his and his family’s many experiences.

Currently, he is work on increasing the number of food and water outlets for Dinner Time Farm, as well as wiring the paddock for spring piglets. His to-do list includes fencing off the paddock for his Dexter cattle, seeding the cow and pig pastures, and increasing the farm’s vegetable production and the family’s preservation efforts.

“I grew up in the country and have always had the desire to move there again,” Gavin says. He defines a homesteader as “a person who wishes to live closer to the land, whether by raising their own food, creating homemade items, or just buying more local items.”

The garden is a result of the family’s desire to grow their own fresh produce. Currently the garden includes asparagus, strawberries, raspberries and tomatoes.

Dinner Time Farm is also home to a number of animals: Hazel Mae and Ellie, the Dexter cows; a number of laying chickens; and seasonally, pigs and lambs.

Gavin lists his country skills as animal husbandry, cooking, canning and preserving.

And his philosophy on country life?

I believe that country life is a more laid-back lifestyle but can co-exist nicely with urban amenities. It is geared towards producing and preserving the majority of your own food, enjoying home-cooked meals with home-grown ingredients.”

Contact Gavin and Dinner Time Farm through his Facebook page.