The Southern Belle Blogs Again

By Emily

Emily Elliot, in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, plans to focus on connecting with like-minded individuals and share the knowledge she’s gained in her study of herbs and gardening through her blog. She’s also hoping to share her life as she and her boyfriend work to find their own little slice of heaven on a farm.

Of moving to the country, she says:

“I was born and raised in the country, though after I moved to the big city for college, I never thought that I would return. But something about the fresh air and wide open spaces called to me and I found myself returning home after a 7 year hiatus.

Growing up, my family has always had a garden so it runs in my family. I am fortunate to have met a mate who enjoys gardening as well. For me, now, it is more about preserving the heirloom varieties that were grown in Northeastern North Carolina by my ancestors.”

She defines a homesteader as “someone that lives off of the land as much as possible and works to try to create a life similar to how life was before the invention of grocery stores and processed food.”

Emily’s current project is preparing her chickens for winter without having to run electricity out to the coop.She’s been researching other ways of securing the coop for winter and most of her breeds are somewhat hardy enough to handle NC winters (which can range from mild to cold depending on the year). She would like to create a solar heated chicken waterer and that is her main project.

She’s also working on finding a place with more land (number one of her to-do list), planting more fruit trees, getting another chicken, and getting her business to where it is self-supporting so she can save her money for her farm instead of spending it on her business.

On her farm, she has 4 chickens (one barnyard mix – Whitey, 1 Black Australorp – Squeet, 1 Barred Rock – Iggy, and 1 Rhode Island Red – Emily), two dogs (Belle – a blue heeler/husky mix; Jake – a yellow lab who lives for duck hunting), and a cat that is more of a neighborhood cat.

Her garden is full of broccoli, kale, collards, several different lettuces, okra and tomatoes.

Emily counts canning, gardening, hunting, taking care of chickens, cooking, and making homemade salves among her country skills.

And her philosophy on country life?

“My philosophy on country life is that it is not for everyone and for those that want to pursue it, they should understand that this is a life choice – not just a passing fad. It is a way of life that for a while, was disappearing thanks to overdevelopment but is slowly coming back as people realize that what they want is to slow things down and enjoy the simpler things in life.”

You can reach Emily on her personal blog, The Southern Belle Blogs, through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.