Little Ranch on the Mountain

By Denise

Although Denise grew up in the country, she spent most of her childhood longing to live in the city. After 10 years of city life, however, Denise was more than ready to return to her roots and take up the country life once again.

She now calls the White Mountains of Arizona home, and is working to establish her homestead at an elevation of 5,600 feet. Denise considers a “homesteader” to be anyone who is getting back to the basics and working toward a more self-sufficient lifestyle. For Denise, this includes canning, animal husbandry, cooking, gardening, knitting, and many more “country skills” she’s acquired over the years.

Denise hopes to share her knowledge and experience with others, and offer tips for homesteading and ranching on a tight budget.

“Simple is better. Love the beauty around you — the silence, the scenery and wildlife — enjoy the homemade moments of how life is meant to be.”