David Lewis Jr.

David Lewis Jr.

As Best I Remember

By David Lewis Jr.

David Lewis Jr., hailing from Pinellas Park, Florida, plans to focus his blog on nostalgic memories. “Most of my blog posts are nostalgic and drawn from my childhood in eastern North Carolina. Humor will be a significant part of what I post as well as things I learned from the wonderful people I grew up around, especially my family, while experiencing rural life.”

He also will focus on spirituality. “I want my posts to be positive and encouraging and have a degree of practical spirituality to them without being ‘preachy.’ I was a full-time pastor for 32 years until sidelined by some health issues so that part of my life is very foundational to how I view and live out my life now.”

Currently, David has two books in the works. “One is of a spiritual nature and the other contains personal essays akin to my blog posts that family and friends have been urging me to write for years.”

On his to-do list are few projects centered around music. “I am also a singer/songwriter with professional experience and also as a studio engineer/producer. I am planning to record some of my original music that I have not recorded before and also revamp some of my previous recordings.”

David was raised in the country, and that lifestyle has always been a part of his life. His definition of homesteader: “I think a real homesteader is committed to a style of life that values God’s creation and draws everything from it possible while taking care of it as well.”

At the moment, living in Florida, David doesn’t have a garden, though he says he grows a few tomato and pepper plants, along with a few herbs, in containers.

He shares his home with a few pets. “I have a Jack Russell named Peanut and my stepdaughters have two cats named Princess and Angel.”

Regarding his country skills, David says, “I am a really good southern cook and I cook 90 percent of our meals. I learned from my mother, not so much from her teaching me, but by observation. I have no problem remembering how she cooked certain things. I am also really good with a smoker and a grill, often cooking up some eastern style North Carolina barbecue. I also make good sweet tea!”

And his philosophy on country life?

“It’s different today because many people make their living in town but live in the country. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with that and by doing so you can enjoy aspects of living out of town. However, it is not entirely the same as those who lived where they worked, and going to work meant coming out of the house and climbing on a John Deere. I think the more connected you are to the land itself, the more appreciative you are of country life and the traditions associated with it.”

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