Cynda LeTullier

Cynda LeTullier

Snow Horse Ranch

By Cynda LeTullier

After moving to the wilds of Alaska, Cynda LeTullier and her husband, Frank, discovered an entirely different way of living on their Snow Horse Ranch.

She hopes to share the adventures of wilderness living and self-sustainability in her blog. She also wants “to share my love of country living and nature” in the blog.

“I grew up in the country on a truck farm,” Cynda says in response to the question about why she moved to the country. “I married a mountain man who always dreamed of moving to the Alaska wilderness. So we decided to live out that dream and, at age 49 for me and 52 for him, we finally made it home.”

They are currently working on building their homestead and working to make it self-sustaining. Secondary projects, according to Cynda, include building their own home, building a greenhouse, and adding chickens and a goat to the homestead.

Her definition of a homesteader? “A person, couple or family living in the country building a life from the land. Living as self-sustainably as possible.”

A garden just comes naturally to this country dweller. “I was raised on a truck farm and grew up on fresh produce. There is nothing like fresh home grown produce. My husband is the main gardener in our family, and he loves being in the garden. He learned a lot of his gardening skills from his father just as I learned my gardening skills from my father. … During the growing season, we plant spinach, radishes, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, squash, cucumbers and collards. Some of these have to be grown in the greenhouse due to the cooler climate of Alaska.”

At the moment, the couple does not have any livestock on Snow Horse Ranch. “Since we just sold our farm and recreation area in Oklahoma and moved to Alaska in 2012 and onto our property in June 2014, it’s not yet safe for livestock. We currently have two Beagles and a domestic farm cat.”

Her country skills include “cooking and baking on a woodstove, canning, animal husbandry (chickens, goats and horses), and gardening.”

When asked for her philosophy on country life, Cynda says, “I love country life and believe it helps to keep one young and healthy – physically and mentally.”

Contact Cynda through her Facebook page, “Snow Horse Ranch.”