Connie Casey

Connie Casey

Dirt Road Diary at Iron Horse Ranch

By Connie Casey

Connie Casey lives on Iron Horse Ranch in Post Falls, Idaho, and plans to share the absolute joy she gets from country living in her blog. The hard work pays off tenfold, and she looks forward to having a dialog with other people who want to learn with her on her many projects.

Her current project is building a new homestead from the ground up, as she and her family recently moved from California to northern Idaho. Projects on her to-do list include pulling fence for 6 acres, a new coop, two new barns and hay storage.

So why the big move? “We decided there had to be more to life than the grind of the city.  We wanted to be connected to the place we live and we wanted our children to be free range.”

For Connie, homesteading means “learning to do as much for yourself as possible.  Homesteading also means a different kind of community.  I am suddenly finding my neighbors to be a wonderful asset in a way I would never have discovered when living in town.”

A garden helps lower the grocery bill and provide healthy food on the homestead. Connie also owns a horse boarding business and currently houses eight equine friends. She has three large mixed-breed dogs named Ruger, Butch and Cassidy, and is well-versed in milk and meat goats, chickens, turkeys and geese.

Among Connie’s country skills are sewing, finish carpentry, light plumbing, gardening, animal husbandry, butchering, hunting, fishing, cooking and canning.

Her philosophy on country life is this: “I have never felt healthier or happier than on my farm.  I am connected to my land, to my home and to my food with the labor of my own two hands.  You build different kind of relationships with those who work alongside you as well.  I know. I lived in the city far longer than my new life in the country and in these last 7 years my heart and health have blossomed like a never ending spring.”

Connie is a member of the North Idaho Homesteaders group on Facebook.