Chris Downs

Chris Downs


By Chris Downs

I started working on a ranch and farm in 1968.  The ranch I got hired at was owned by a Veterinarian named John Cook.  He was a great mentor and taught me how to be a good herdsman.  I learned not only how to take care of horses, and ensure that they stayed healthy, but learned through the school of hard knocks how to train them.  After a couple of years, I saved some money then I started buying horses, training them to enjoy the relationship with people, and then sold them to people who would take care of them.  I helped in the Garden, and learned from my Mom and Grandma how to take care of a garden, as well as harvesting more food than I ate while working in the garden.  I changed irrigation pipe, worked in alfalfa fields as well as grain fields.  I was blessed to learn many skills needed to do the work needed to run a profitable ranch and farm. With that, I also learned why most people do not like older farm equipment.  It takes a lot of work and patience, but I flourished in that environment.  I got really good on knowing how to rebuild and maintain old farm equipment all while going to school. 

I spent 6 years in the US Navy, on Submarines, gaining the skills to know how everything works, maintaining it, as well operating all of the systems on board the submarine and the tender that I was stationed on for a while.   After getting out of the Navy, I moved to a remote area of the pacific northwest and began a journey in the retail side of farming and gardening.  We purchased  a small Gas station/grocery store/restaurant and RV Park.  I educated myself on local water systems, as well as the business end of providing quality, healthy produce for my customers. I did this out of necessity, as I told you, it was a real small town.  As the only buyer for the grocery store, I learned how and what to purchase as far as organic produce is concerned for the customers I served.  After all, you are what you eat.   

I continue to learn what and how to eat, to grow healthier and maintain  my health. I am a recovering work-a-holic but now make sure that I take the time to enjoy the journey of life!  Now, I have a passion to help others build the life of their dreams.  As I continue to embrace new technology as well as keep up on USDA and Natural Certifications, I also continue to stay current on the technology of clean, healthy water production and conservation.