Charlotte McMullen

Charlotte McMullen

Ruckus Girl

By Charlotte McMullen

On the McMullen Farm outside Ashville, Pennsylvania, Charlotte McMullen and her family live the country life. She plans to focus on storytelling with this blog, as well as living, learning and laughing.

Her current project is “raising five daughters well.” Her to-do list includes “discovering who I am beyond the mom of babies, organizing my home, reading, writing, taking photographs, and occasionally standing in front of the camera lens.”

Her move to the country didn’t take much persuasion. “I grew up in the country surrounded by cornfields and forests. I fell in love with a country boy who could never live anywhere else. He is home.”

Charlotte keeps it simple when defining a “homesteader”: a lifestyle of self-sufficiency and independence.

Her garden is a tradition. “Planting a garden is what you do in the spring; canning is what happens near the end of summer. It’s what my family has always done.”

Her current garden includes corn, tomatoes, green beans, beets and zucchini.

Animals are part of the McMullen lifestyle as they operate a Black Angus cow/calf operation.

Charlotte lists her country skills: “I help on the farm with anything from feeding to castrating the cattle and help with the crops as needed. I cook and bake to feed my family. I garden and preserve.”

With her background, what is Charlotte’s philosophy of country life?

“Country life is not for everyone, but for some it is everything; their heart and soul is tied to the land in a way that makes change unfathomable.”

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