Cassie Lewis

Cassie Lewis

Making Do

By Cassie Lewis

Cassie moved to the country for peace, space, and freedom from the Home-Owners Association! With a rural life, you can make your own choices, can learn homesteading skills, and share your knowledge with others.

Now she’s prepping a garden so that she and her husband can know that their food is “well-managed and as fresh as possible with low impact on the environment.” Getting this garden for spring so she can grow tomatoes, peppers, and more is next on her to-do list, followed closely by working on a chicken coop and converting an old shed to be used for projects like canning (and more gardening!). She also cares for her two dogs, Baby and Bird, and hopes to bring chickens to their home in the spring.

In her blog, Cassie will write about balancing paid work with her self-sufficiency goals. She defines homesteader as “someone who aims to make do with what they have, improves or repairs rather than replaces, and tries to do-it-yourself whenever possible.”

Her philosophy on country life is to “enjoy it! Don’t focus on the work, but the gain.”